I’m Roksana.  Welcome to my blog.

Writing, Photography and Traveling are the top three things I love to do with my time, however due to my day-job as a truck driver; I don’t get to indulge those passions as much as I’d like to, and after driving a truck all day, falling onto my couch, gaming on my Xbox’s or PC is all I really feel like doing, I’m only human after all, so apologies in advance for the infrequent and inconsistent updates to my blog.

I grew up in a sleeper-district on the edge of a major city; and had a quiet and relatively drama-free existence.  Being in a sleeper-district can get quite monotonous, having those creative outlets and opportunities to travel around the world are things I don’t take for granted.
I love experiencing other cultures, my family is mostly Canadian and Polish, but there’s also some Irish and Russian thrown in for good measure as well; so no lack of culture there, also making for a wonderful combination; especially when cooking and baking is involved.

In college I started out studying vehicle mechanics, I’m a huge gear-head so it wasn’t a total waste of time, after that I moved to a new college and eventually university to study business; unfortunately one year into my degree; I become bored, so I quit, and it was the best decision I ever made.

By chance I stumbled upon truck driving, the money was attractive, but it was the freedom and independence that university can’t give you that was the real pay-off.  Yes, it’s extremely hard work, but completely worth it.

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