Be You

Songs About Love – Part Two

I’ve always been under the impression that as the oldest sibling and the oldest in my social circle; everything was supposed to happen to me first, however a lot of my friends, and all three of my siblings are in very successful relationships.  I went to my sister asking her what the elusive relationship secret is, like the meaning of life, what’s that one piece of wisdom that makes it work?

Her response was cute, but lacked clarity, so I Googled, “Relationship advice”, asking the internet something like that was probably a bad idea, perhaps I should’ve gone straight to Cosmo, berried the millions of results I did find something, relationships deduced into four points.

1. Let people know what your looking for, whether it be casual, or a serious relationship.
2. Set standards.
3. Be emotionally ready.
4. Be you.

This was advice I was willing to take since I’d been out of the dating game for quite a extensive period of time, and I’m happy to report the results have been encouragingly positive.

I created a Tinder profile a few months ago, I chose Tinder because of the update that introduced the non-binary and transgender options, but never had much luck, I didn’t know whether this was down to my profile, or the relevance of Tinder.  However, a few days before I posted; Songs About Love, I searched the app store again for LGBTQ+ friendly dating apps, and came across an app called; Her.

Her, is primarily aimed at lesbians, but many bisexual girls and people who identify as non-binary or trans have found refuge in this app.  I was a little apprehensive at first because of the lack of reviews, but I took the plunge anyway.

Like Tinder, you swipe left to dismiss a profile, unlike Tinder there’s no right swipe, just a single like button, other people see that you’ve liked them immediately and if they like you back it opens up a conversation, and because everyone is LGBTQ+ friendly it takes the guess work away.
I often thought to myself while looking at Tinder profiles, “Is this person going to respond well to me”?

I’ve only been on this app for just over a week, it hasn’t led to any dates yet, but that’s okay.  It’s a very social app and isn’t completely focused on dating, but just getting myself out there, talking to people like me is a step in the right direction.

I would like to say thank you to all involved in creating; Her, thank you for creating a space where I can be myself, allowing me and everyone in a similar situation to be able to meet such wonderful accepting people. Your app as really opened up our world.

B.Cayhill Version 1 (8)


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