Brave Heart

In a few weeks, my sister will be twenty-three, I’ve been on the phone with her discussing plans for her birthday and I was quite surprised.
My sister and I are best friends but very different people, she likes to go out to clubs and bars where she can dance the increasingly blurry night away, whereas I prefer to have dinner at a restaurant.  I’m not saying she’s distasteful, we just have a different way of doing things. (That’s all I’ll say before I get into too much trouble).

For many years, my sister has had two birthday parties, one with her intoxicated friends at a bar, (I’ve heard many funny stories), and another with me, our parents and our siblings at a restaurant or a huge family meal at home.  However, this year it seems she’s decided to leave the hangovers behind, a lot has changed since those bar-crawl-days, she’s now engaged and rapidly approaching moving day.

My sister is country girl, this year she’s competing in an horse event, afterwards we’re all going out for diner, she’s also a kid at heart, I’d be willing to bet she’d like a sheep themed cake, and Mama will probably bake one of her famous custom pieces of artwork.  The cake I got for my twenty-first birthday is something I will always remember, it took two days, I wasn’t allowed to be involved in any part of the process, and completely to my surprise Mama sculpted a beautiful white and pink Chanel logo, complete with an edible handbag and No. 5 bottle.  Just one of the many perks of having pro-chiefs for parents.

She’s has been through so much, she’s one of the bravest people I know, I’m not too sure whether she’d agree looking back on everything, being repeatedly knocked down, healing and every time coming back stronger, she doesn’t give herself enough credit, that’s why I’m here to remind her.
I’m the oldest of four and often it’s the younger siblings that learn from the oldest, but if anything, I’ve learned more from her than she has from me.

Too many times we see the rich and connected getting everything they want, my sister is one of the greatest examples of what life is like in the real world, and what you can accomplish before twenty-five, by relentlessly working hard, overcoming challenges without the advantages of the white-collar worker, she’s been greatly rewarded with strength, independence and her engagement to one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met.

I hope she’s proud of herself, I know everyone else is.

Dear Brave Heart.

You’ve faced rejection, fear and destruction right in the eyes, overcoming what felt like impossible challenges, from where you were compared to where you are now is proof to everyone and yourself that your resilience should be inspiring, and you’ve been rewarded one of the most precious gifts that this world can give you.

You were always the first person I confided in, always having my corner and not afraid to tell me when I was being stupid.  You’ve always been someone who puts others before yourself, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.



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