I think this my third, maybe forth attempt; at writing a blog. For someone that likes writing so much I feel like I should’ve got this right first time.

I was still in college and university when I started my first few blogs, juggling university assignments; with what feel like impossible deadlines, and trying to deliver up-to-date content was why my blogs failed.  My posts became similar to the more mediocre entertainment blogs: rushed, not very engaging, and lacked that human touch.

In college, I started out studying vehicle mechanics, after that I moved to a new college and eventually university to study business.  I quit one year into my degree because I was bored, I don’t regret that decision.  Now with a full-time job as a truck driver, I’m going to start blogging all over again, this time I’m going to accept the fact that my posts will likely be infrequent, and I’ll write for the joy it gives me.

I grew up in a sleeper-district on the edge of a major city; and had a quiet and relatively drama-free existence. What I know as a sleeper-district you will perhaps know as a commuter-town, somewhere that has nothing of particular interest, just rows upon uniformed rows of tower apartments.  Being in a sleeper-district can get quite monotonous, writing and photography were my creative outlets, I don’t get to indulge those passions as much as I’d like to, a quick Instagram shot and away I go again.

I love experiencing other cultures, having opportunities to travel around the world is something I don’t take for granted.  My family is mostly Canadian and Polish, but there’s also some Irish and Russian thrown in for good measure as well; so, no lack of culture there, also making for a wonderful combination; especially when cooking and baking is involved, culture I’d love to share with you, I will defiantly be posting some of my family’s favorite recipes.

Until then I’m off to drive some more trucks.  I hope you enjoy my blogs, and I will talk to you soon.

B.Cayhill Version 1 (8)


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